1950s Costumes

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1950s Bowling Shirt
NZ $36.00 inc.
1950S Grease Earrings Clip Ons Records
NZ $6.50 inc.
1950s Petticoat Skirt
NZ $23.00 inc.
1950S Pink Polka Dot Skirt Costume
NZ $26.99 inc.
1950S Rock N Roll Costume
NZ $45.00 inc.
1950s Style Poodle Costume
NZ $59.99 inc.
1950s Tattoos
NZ $6.50 inc.
NZ $49.99 inc.
50s Black Sunglasses with Diamantes
NZ $7.50 inc.
Anklet with Lace Ruffle Black
NZ $10.95 inc.
Anklet with Lace Ruffle White
NZ $10.95 inc.
Pink Lady Jacket
NZ $36.00 inc.