We are now at 'Partyonline', 131 High St, Lower Hutt.

Store is open 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. We now focus more on Costumes, but still have Bobux Shoes in Store.

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I-Walk Aktiv Habitat Shoe Printed White
NZ $89.00 inc.
I-Walk Shire Boot Navy
NZ $99.00 inc.
I-Walk Signet Boot Plum
NZ $94.00 inc.
Step Up Duke Trainer Black Ash
NZ $74.00 inc.
Step Up Vale Boot Navy Leather Ankle Boots
NZ $80.00 inc.
Xplorer Abstract White Navy
NZ $54.00 inc.
Xplorer Abstract White Tangelo
NZ $54.00 inc.
Step Up Demi Ballet Shoe Navy
NZ $74.00 inc.
Xplorer Dimension Fuchsia + Silver
NZ $54.00 inc.
Xplorer Habitat Printed Grey
NZ $54.00 inc.
Xplorer Lo Dimension Xplorer Blue
NZ $54.00 inc.
Xplorer Origin Gold
NZ $54.00 inc.